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Recycling Bin


Going Green

We all have a responsibility to do our bit in not wasting the earth's limited resources, and that’s why Cooper & Barr Opticians have introduced a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy in as many aspects of our business as we can, and we’re always discovering new ways that we, and our suppliers, are able to reduce our footprint on our planet.

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  1. Recycling bins in practices, so less waste going to landfill

  2. Carbon footprint as frames are sourced from the UK and Europe rather than the Far East

  3. Frames are “remote edged” which means lenses are sent to us by the manufacturer ready to insert into your chosen frame, saving on packaging frames to send away, be glazed, then packaged up to return to us

  4. We use computerised records to reduce the amount of paper we use

  5. One of our main suppliers - Zeiss - have introduced water recycling and halved the amount of plastic used in lens manufacture 


  1. Packaging is resumed whenever possible

  2. We can reglaze your frames with new lenses, subject to our reglaze policy

  3. Recycle

  4. Recycling bins in each practice so that more of our general waste is recycled

  5. Our suppliers are moving towards recyclable protective packaging, rather than bubble wrap

  6. We can take old or unwanted spectacles for recycling, they go to the charity Vision Aid Overseas who are able to recycle the materials to raise funds for their work. 

  7. Contact lenses can now be recycled! That’s the lens itself, and the plastic and foil packaging. Simply collect that together and drop it into your local Cooper & Barr practice. 

Many frames are now made with recycled or biodegradable materials. we already stock frames made from wood, but look out for our eco collection, coming soon!

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