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Specialist Clinics

You can trust our experienced, expert Optometrists to care for your overall eye health. We're not just here to help with glasses and contact lenses, our specialist services mean that we can offer advice and care for a range of eye and visual conditions at times convenient to you.

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We can help with much more than just glasses

Minor Eye Conditions

A scheme funded by the NHS for people registered with a local GP, we can give advice and recommend treatment or referral for a range of eye conditions. If you are experiencing: red, sore, itchy or gritty eyes; flashing lights or new floaters; sudden deterioration or distortion in your vision then please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Low Vision

In North Yorkshire we can advise on and loan out low vision aids when your glasses just aren't strong enough anymore. People are usually referred to this clinic following either a sight test or hospital appointment .

Dry Eye Problems

Although dry eyes are relatively common, the discomfort caused can be quite debilitating. Often associated with age or blepharitis, lifestyle factors can also be a cause including CL wear, VDU use or diet. Unfortunately there isn't a "one size fits all" solution, and we can recommend a suitable treatment plan.

Noctura Mask for Diabetes

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the risks of diabetes, particularly when blood sugar levels are poorly controlled, or when someone has been diabetic for a long time. the best treatment for diabetes is good blood sugar control, however this mask, which is worn at night for 8 hours, has the potential to prevent or slow the progression of diabetic retinopathy. Find out more here:

AMD monitoring

Each of our practices has an OCT which is essential when assessing retinal health and investigating problems. Not all macula degeneration requires referral and treatment, but with regular scans, we can build a picture and detect changes at the earliest opportunity. Private OCT scans are not covered by the NHS.

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For your convenience, you can now book your next eye examination appointment online.

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