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"You could have a great pair of shoes or a great suit, but people are first connecting with your face, so finding the right pair of glasses is crucial"


- Garrett Leight

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It’s fair to say that glasses are making a comeback in the style stakes, but not everybody wants to stand out from the crowd. Every day we see people who are up for trying something just that little bit different to the style they had before, others just want well made and comfortable frames. we can help you choose frames that look great and compliment your style.

We want you to be overjoyed with your new eyewear, and so you can buy from us with complete confidence, thanks to our price match, 30 day frame fit and 30 day varifocal guarantees. We don’t believe in luring people in with cut price deals, but we do run genuine offers, promotions and competitions, following us on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram is the best way to hear about this first.

So if you're looking for super lightweight Silhouette rimless frames, trendy Ray Bans, sporty Oakleys, preppy Polo, eco friendly Coral, European chic Etnia Barcelona, Nordic style Black Fin, California cool SALT, British made custom fit Tom Davies or just an update on a frame that's served you well, pay us a visit!

Spectacles Lenses

Lens design isn't limited to distance or near. Whether you need specific lenses for computer use, driving or sport, we can find a solution for you. Specialised tints and coatings can enhance your vision just when you need it most, and advances in lens technology has reduced the swimmy sensation experienced when wearing old style varifocals.

Being independent means that we can source products from virtually any manufacturer, however our preferred suppliers include Nikon and Zeiss. We feel they have the best product range that we also understand inside and out.


A great pair of sunglasses is a must have accessory for everyone these days, both to look cool but also to protect your eyes from the harmful effect of UV light, even on dull or overcast days. Cumulative UV exposure increases your risk of developing a range of sight threatening conditions including macular degeneration and cataracts, as well as damaging the sensitive skin around your eyes. Over-sized or wrap around styles offer the greatest protection.

Having the correct tint combined with polarised lenses can make a real difference to your sporting performance or when driving. Revo sunglasses are available with a range of tints specifically designed for sports such as cycling, skiing, sailing, golf and fishing. Our range of RayBan sunglasses covers the classic aviator, wayfarer and clubmaster styles, and all our sunglass frames can be fitted with your spectacle prescription.

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For your convenience, you can now book your next eye examination appointment online.

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